The Ts Take Europe

Okay, so it’s been 6 months since I’ve blogged but I’m newly motivated. I’m hoping to document our amazing recent adventure to Europe here. The plan is to try to “record some of the memories” on my blog and share some tales of our trip with those who want to see them. I have to say,  I made myself at least try to scribble notes of all the things that we saw so I’m looking forward to bringing them back to life with photos & stories.

Of course I would rather everyone just come over & have a bonfire & I can show you the pictures but a.) timeline for making photobook/printing pictures is TBD we all know how that goes and b.) other obvious reasons.

I’m thinking maybe I will do a day-by-day format.. but I can’t really even tell you what you’ll be signing up for if you choose to read so as always, it may be a hot mess but I promise a couple photos per blog and you’ll at least love them 🙂
We went to 4 cities/countries over 11 days & then had 2+ full days of traveling to & from the US. Trip started in Berlin, Germany then train to Prague, Czech Republic then on to Vienna, Austria and ended in Budapest, Hungary. Each city was magical in it’s own way and it was the most amazing trip.

We headed out the morning of Sept. 1. It’s always fun getting out of Nashville cause you know, celebrities with our own staircase:


We made it. We slept a few hours on the plane and then consumed a lot of caffeine since it was around 8 a.m. the next day when we arrived in Berlin. Here’s our first selfie when we were in Berlin, Germany waiting for our bus to our hotel on Sept. 2 !






SILVER Hair, Don’t Care

You guys, it’s happening. I was considering doing this next year but I just took the plunge.

I’m due for my 8 week hair dye and I’m not doing it. AH.

I think it will be okay. I have been getting grays since college when I started a “Help, My College is Making me Gray” facebook group (I still have the group & this was back when facebook had just started). Also, how dramatic was I?! Apparently my mom went gray pretty early though she’s not quick to admit it and my sister who is 2 years older than me has been leading the way with her grays as well. In the bad genes department, it’s really not even a big deal. If anyone doubts the grays, here are a few. They are more or less obvious in different lighting but this should at least be photo evidence so that no one can deny their existence, bless their hearts.

I’m 31 and going to live with my SILVER Streaks/natural “highlights.”


Definitely an FWP (first world problem) except with all the pressure that society puts on us to continue to look young, it’s not the easiest decision. And, when you enjoy warming up your mouse-y brown hair color & having an excuse with grays, it’s been hard to take the plunge. I’ve now sealed the deal on finding a husband so.. gray I go. hah. I’m mostly kidding. I will say that I am hard pressed to brush my hair in the mornings which actually is part of the concern. I haven’t had a hairbrush since our honeymoon – over a month ago. AND I JUST NOTICED IT LAST WEEK. Oops, I will buy a hair brush with the money saved on not dying my hair this week. I want to still look “put together enough.” I’m probably already borderline frumpy/”bohemian” for a corporate setting some days though fortunately I don’t rely on a super awesome professional look or work in an industry where being over the top put together is a thing (this is mostly intentionally). Not that having multi colored hair would make me look less professional… actually I guess it would possibly be looked at unfavorably by some people. [Insert rant here about men having gray hair and looking “sophisticated or distinguished” vs women. For the Love of Richard Gere, I can’t even go there tonight]

For the record, I don’t care if other people dye their hair or not, I’m not judging anyone who does it but if anyone else is in the under 40 silver hair club, the more the merrier!

My reasons for stopping are mostly: 1.) chemicals <I tried to tell the husband that I need to go to Europe to get my hair dyed or to buy a bunch of hair dye over there since they are straight up on their cosmetics but he says we can get dye shipped. He’s wrong though, I need to go over there & find out about it then transport it myself to supervise it’s journey > 2.) My head itches for at least a week after a dye job & I get a rash that extends even to past the edges of my hairline – my body is literally saying NO 3.) Save some $$$ 4.) I’m looking forward to hopefully embracing myself and how my body has changed in this way. Seems like there will only be many many more changes to come as I get old & progressively awesome.

This is what my hair will look like right? You can hardly see them in there but if you blow the photo up, Katie has some grays in their people.

kt gray

I will keep everyone posted/ you will see how things are going if you see me any time soon. I’ll just be going about my biz, looking for the SILVER Lining 😉 🙂 ❤ E

These are my Confessions (Part 1)

There are just some random things in life that happen… and we ignore them because it just feels better than facing them. Today I’m looking at the dirty deeds of my currently “super straight-laced on the verge of boring life” right in the face:
-I haven’t even told my coworkers this though I tell them most things. But the other day, there was a black pen on the tp holder in my bathroom stall (you know – MY stall). And I figured it was mine cause I always lose pens & it’s my stall & who else would have the same pen that I got from the supply closet our entire floor shares. I pick it up, get back to my desk, not my pen. Nothing about it creeps me out much, I think it’s funny, but other people have major phobias about anything that came out of the public restroom so I’ve kept it inside. But there, I said it. Also, I’ve picked up much more suspect things & assumed they were mine before like hair ties. Cause no one else uses the same black generic kind that I do & drops them anywhere I may have traveled, right? And if anyone wondered, I haven’t been using the pen. I think I will let it happily rest on my desk until someone needs to borrow a pen and then there will be a pen waiting for them to be used.

-I’m obsessed with warm beverages, maybe even addicted to them. I realized this when I took my mug home to clean it & didn’t bring it back to work. At this point, the warm beverage doesn’t even need to contain caffeine, flavor or warm milk in it, though those are treats in my warm bevs.

I love pretty much every warm bev that you can think of

– (green, white, black*my fav, red) tea, (decaf & light roast mostly) coffee, cider, probably would like warm lemon water though I haven’t yet done that.. I’ve found a way to keep the routine with my hot drinks mostly healthy. I don’t sweeten them and am trying to limit myself to one cup of caffeinated coffee per day. The rest of my daily warm bevs are so I can hold the warm mug. Smell it. Sip it. Feel the warmth on my throat. Then in my stomach. Ah. Obsessed. I should take an inventory of my routine. Lately it’s been black tea as soon as I get to work, coffee late morning or early afternoon, afternoon peppermint tea or decaf coffee, something else scrumptious before I go to bed (though I haven’t fully moved into my tea before routine that fades a bit in the summer). 3-4 drinks actually seems to be on the low side/less than I would like in an ideal world. And a ton of water so no wonder I spend half of my day in the restroom.
Some afternoons, I think that I am hungry but all that I needed was green tea [note that I do not substitute actual nourishment in this way.. just fend off cravings].

As it turns out, I’m not the only one obsessed. This writer said almost exactly what I wanted to but more eloquently. And there’s a scientific study that holding a warm drink creates a perception that you are friendly. Boom done 🙂

Also, in a quick google search about this subject I stumbled across this person. She’s a kindred spirit it seems, blogging about knitting and hot drinks (displaying her full URL to her blog post cause it’s awesome):

I’m pretty sure that that blogger, like my grandma & I, probably likes her food “piping hot” as well.

This was an amazing cup of coffee in Seattle. My favorite cup ever though was probably at our random stop through Olympia, WA.

Wow, that became a lengthy love story. I love soups also of course but not with the same equivocal love as I have for a warm drink.
I better confess a few other things: I have 4,279 unread messages in my inbox and 15K messages, good thing I just got married & can get a new Gmail account! Ain’t nobody got time to keep up with their personal email. I am still undecided on what I want to change my name to and I’m planning to make a game time decision..hopefully the SSA office isn’t too scarring that I just go crazy. Back to my previous post, I would probably eat a Pizza lunchable every day if they wouldn’t get expensive/lead to an early death. I want to be the kind of person who would kill to go to outer space but honestly, I don’t think I would want to be an astronaut anymore even though I’m sad about it. Is this normal? Does everyone else want to travel to space? I’m blaming Mark Wahlberg & Sandra Bullock. I actually like watching golf on tv. There’s nothing like taking a good nap to that quiet talking in the background and then waking up for the final holes of the tournament and crying as the winner celebrates. I If I could just transcribe notes all day or take word per minute typing tests, I think I would be happy. I did get an A in keyboarding (on typewriters – which by the way you can still buy at Office Depot, you’re welcome). I think I like the instant gratification and the feeling, maybe it’s related to playing piano somehow too.

Okay, out for now. Thanks for letting me get some things off of my chest.


Back on the blog Again

with a new look and feel. So far this year I’ve sold a house, bought a house, started a new job, gotten married.. and now, I’m just blogging. And considering doing a lot of other things that I haven’t made any efforts to do yet. Like regularly practicing guitar, getting back into crocheting, organizing the garage, reading books… you know – the stuff people do when they aren’t busy doing aforementioned activities I’ve done this year. Nice and boring things. Making homemade food and freezing it for when I don’t have time to cook (hasn’t happened yet but you know “winter is coming” — see what I did there GoT fans).

I was trying to see about domain names tonight and I asked the husband, what’s the site, “”…NOO, don’t type that.. it’s “” oops. Click in the previous link for link roulette. it may be big or go, find out. And tell me what results you get 🙂 🙂

This is so much fun. In other news, thanks to the WHO, lunchables are probably on the decline. Except around my office with nostalgic coworkers who like their carcinogens in familiar 90s packaging. Will the Oscar Meyer truck still parade around even if the brand dies? What is this world coming to?

Best lunch ever. I dug the pizza one though
Best lunch ever. I dug the pizza one though

Where the Wild Things Are..Growing at my house..

So we recently bought a house.

We opted for a place that had a wonderful deck & big, amazing shaded backyard/privacy. And while totally livable, it needed some love on the inside.


By the time we closed on it, there was a list of 1,248 projects. We had infinite amounts of cleaning to do at the new house. We both had to pack up our current residences & move all of our stuff (mine was on the 3rd floor, no elevators & we didn’t hire movers).  We had some Fairly essential purchases to try to make like a lawn mower, Washer/Dryer, etc. So much to do and I couldn’t wait to have a yard and work on making the exterior our own.

During the first several weeks of home ownership, we ate more take out than I’ve eaten in years, we stayed up way past my bedroom for several weeks & didn’t take any time off of work. Somehow we barely had any disagreements & I only cried once. Eventually we got everything moved in & one by one we started setting up rooms. Two months later, all of the main rooms are set-up & only one room is still filled with junk, seems like a miracle. However, this is not another DIY blog – you do not want any advice from us there. Maybe someday I will fill you in more on those adventures.

While all of that was transpiring, all the greenery that I fell in love with has grown and grown and grown. We got a whole lot of rain in May. And in the last month we have painted, cleaned, organized, cleaned again, mowed, done laundry, dishes, cleaned again, had a holiday, vacation, lived our lives.. and everything has continued to grow. And now it’s so hot that there are heat advisories. Or the one random shower that we get is the Saturday morning we planned on working out 😉

Here are some of the “mini trees” that have planted themselves & popped up since then. I swear we’ve been mowing & weed eating.
One of these weeds is up to my waist. I also planned on getting rid of the water feature & redoing that random stone bed thing. Maybe this weekend… after we do a million other things.

Then there is the front of the house.  This is where the Wild Thing is growing.
Tell me that this weird, lattice feature that is randomly placed against the house with now overgrown something green does not look like the Where the Wild Things are Creature



It has the horns (=ivy growing up into our shutters) and everything.

The property is awesome and while the greenery is unruly, I know that we can tame it. It will be happening before that ivy climbs up the roof. YIKES! It’s attached the brick somehow and my several wild attempts to just rip it out of whatever is keeping it up were hugely unsuccessful.

Will keep you posted on the eradication of the out of control ivy deal. Stay tuned for more tales about the Pond in the front yard that is no longer.. our Pest Problems.. and other fun stories

A Real Blog

SO – I’ve been talking about this for years & have started several small blogs (like the one I recently did but you can’t add comments so that wasn’t as fun).  I’ve become more reflective or maybe I have a need for more attention during my country living adventure & think it would be fun for us all to laugh together as I live my little life of mishaps, successes & going all out loving life.

Saddle up for hopefully regular doses of my -isms, ponderings, tales, and whatever in the world I decide that I want to post.  Remember I don’t have the internet.. so some my blogging will be from my phone & probably not extremely lengthy.  “This will be fun” spoken in the voice of the Xtranormal Ironman/extreme work out text-to-video voice <<explicit language/content advisory>> love these videos if you haven’t seen them.

peace love and live it up, XO, E