Natural Nails

It’s time .. We’ve already had an 80 degree day and my feet are free again – YES! I’ve always had a whole big thing with painting my toe nails. I don’t love feet and I can’t really stand my toe nails unpainted. I hate painting my finger nails because they chip so easily & I don’t like maintaining them but keep my toe nails, pretty much always painted even in the winter.

Honestly, I’ve been on a journey for decades towards picking my battles and choosing healthy/natural products as much as I can when it’s seemed worth it to me. Nail polish was something that I just wasn’t ready to think about and seemed like a lesser evil than other things (though I don’t really know why since I wore it all the time)..

I’ve tried not to go to the nail salon much except for an occasional splurge on a mani/pedi with friends or family. But the smell of nail salons is horrifying and even removing my nail polish & that horrible odor has long been a little unnerving to me.

This winter, I took 1 big step and left my toe nails unpainted for I don’t know maybe even a couple of months. Sorry to my husband and fellow yogis for making you look at my nasty unpolished toe nails. It was almost refreshing to let them breathe. Then, I decided that I would make myself research and order something less toxic before I painted them again. When the weather got above 70 degrees, I got my life together & read this really interesting article:

Dangers of “Normal” Nail Polish (for anyone who dares to know ..)

Here’s a summary of the dangers of most nail polishes per the super helpful blog above & citation of EWG and other sources. “Nail polishes often contain toulene (a chemical found in gasoline which can cause central nervous system problems), formaldehyde (enough said), dibutyl phthalate (DBP) (chemical banned in Europe and known to cause reproductive problems, EWG classifies this one as the highest danger level). Nail polish removers are equally problematic and the fumes are especially harmful.”formaldehyd

Finding a safer polish

The blog had recommendations for her favorite brands & seemed well researched based on the EWG ratings (<<this is the most amazing resource if you don’t know about it, it’s great I’ve been using it for years) & her experiences with the products. There aren’t a ton of products out there and a read some other reviews. Unfortunately, her top recommendation was sold out everywhere & the second one was really pricey I think, so I ended up with Honeybee Gardens nail polish <pictured below>. I bought the pretty color below & also a top coat on Amazon. I received the color ahead of the top coat & it’s stayed on well for about 5 days without the top coat. I have read reviews saying that you have to redo the nails more often than “normal nail polish” but I figured there would be a cost associated with it & I’m okay with it for now.

It’s water-based & free of the toxic chemicals. There are no odors and you can remove it with vodka or rubbing alcohol 🙂 Also, I have peace of mind without having formaldehyde on my feet!


I will keep anyone who is interested posted on any other brands that I try. Even though there may be more maintenance involved at least if I ever spill this, I don’t think that it will stay on the surface of what it’s spilled on for a lifetime. And I am hoping to get more colors and then I can have more variety instead of the crazy harsh chemical filled polish that I lazily left on my toes for months at a time! Like I said, it’s hard to know what battles to fight with products we use on our body but I’m rolling along and doing what I can in trying to minimize the harsh chemicals I come into contact with where I feel like I can.

Well, just wanted to share in case anyone has been having similar thoughts OR has any advice in the non-toxic nail polish realm?

Gray hair, don’t care UPDATE

ALSO, on a related note .. if anyone has been wondering, I haven’t died my hair since Sept. (? I think) so I’m 6 months without hair dye and have lots of lovely white streaks. The worst part is that my grays are super frizzy & crazy pieces of hair, which would be the case regardless of the color. I am caving a little bit and getting a “gloss” next month. It is not as strong as permanent dye/does not contain ammonia. I’m hoping it will get me through the brassy stage I’m in with the dye fading. But that seems way better than a full-out dye every 6-8 weeks, right?


One thought on “Natural Nails”

  1. Yes!! Keep posting as you find more! I haven’t cared too much, either, but now Iris is very interested in my makeup and nail polish (hilarious considering how rarely I use either!). Nail polish seems a good place to change it up, especially if she wants it on her baby nails. There is a “kid-friendly” brand with decent EWG ratings (I think) called Piggy Paint. It’s available locally if you need more colors!

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