SILVER Hair, Don’t Care

You guys, it’s happening. I was considering doing this next year but I just took the plunge.

I’m due for my 8 week hair dye and I’m not doing it. AH.

I think it will be okay. I have been getting grays since college when I started a “Help, My College is Making me Gray” facebook group (I still have the group & this was back when facebook had just started). Also, how dramatic was I?! Apparently my mom went gray pretty early though she’s not quick to admit it and my sister who is 2 years older than me has been leading the way with her grays as well. In the bad genes department, it’s really not even a big deal. If anyone doubts the grays, here are a few. They are more or less obvious in different lighting but this should at least be photo evidence so that no one can deny their existence, bless their hearts.

I’m 31 and going to live with my SILVER Streaks/natural “highlights.”


Definitely an FWP (first world problem) except with all the pressure that society puts on us to continue to look young, it’s not the easiest decision. And, when you enjoy warming up your mouse-y brown hair color & having an excuse with grays, it’s been hard to take the plunge. I’ve now sealed the deal on finding a husband so.. gray I go. hah. I’m mostly kidding. I will say that I am hard pressed to brush my hair in the mornings which actually is part of the concern. I haven’t had a hairbrush since our honeymoon – over a month ago. AND I JUST NOTICED IT LAST WEEK. Oops, I will buy a hair brush with the money saved on not dying my hair this week. I want to still look “put together enough.” I’m probably already borderline frumpy/”bohemian” for a corporate setting some days though fortunately I don’t rely on a super awesome professional look or work in an industry where being over the top put together is a thing (this is mostly intentionally). Not that having multi colored hair would make me look less professional… actually I guess it would possibly be looked at unfavorably by some people. [Insert rant here about men having gray hair and looking “sophisticated or distinguished” vs women. For the Love of Richard Gere, I can’t even go there tonight]

For the record, I don’t care if other people dye their hair or not, I’m not judging anyone who does it but if anyone else is in the under 40 silver hair club, the more the merrier!

My reasons for stopping are mostly: 1.) chemicals <I tried to tell the husband that I need to go to Europe to get my hair dyed or to buy a bunch of hair dye over there since they are straight up on their cosmetics but he says we can get dye shipped. He’s wrong though, I need to go over there & find out about it then transport it myself to supervise it’s journey > 2.) My head itches for at least a week after a dye job & I get a rash that extends even to past the edges of my hairline – my body is literally saying NO 3.) Save some $$$ 4.) I’m looking forward to hopefully embracing myself and how my body has changed in this way. Seems like there will only be many many more changes to come as I get old & progressively awesome.

This is what my hair will look like right? You can hardly see them in there but if you blow the photo up, Katie has some grays in their people.

kt gray

I will keep everyone posted/ you will see how things are going if you see me any time soon. I’ll just be going about my biz, looking for the SILVER Lining 😉 🙂 ❤ E


4 thoughts on “SILVER Hair, Don’t Care”

  1. Correction: my FB group was called “I’m having a quarterlife crisis.. My College is making me gray” – 1 step higher in dramatics. And also I’m the only person who is still a member of the group. That also turned out to be my “first” quarter life crisis.

  2. I’m embracing it, too, though I never really dyed my hair, just a couple of temporary dye boxes and a hair stylist friend experimented on my hair once. Anyway… yes, I say it’s a slippery slope because when would I draw the line and stop highlighting or coloring it? And, apparently, no one really even notices other than oneself and the paparazzi, because I even had to tell and show Mo how my grays had quadrupled possibly in just the week after Edie was born. (Hormones, man.)

    1. YES! My grandma waited until her 80s to stop dying her hair 😉 But that’s so funny and true – paparazzi+ourselves are the only ones noticing!! I definitely don’t notice your grays too but ah for hormones making them worse 😦

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