Back on the blog Again

with a new look and feel. So far this year I’ve sold a house, bought a house, started a new job, gotten married.. and now, I’m just blogging. And considering doing a lot of other things that I haven’t made any efforts to do yet. Like regularly practicing guitar, getting back into crocheting, organizing the garage, reading books… you know – the stuff people do when they aren’t busy doing aforementioned activities I’ve done this year. Nice and boring things. Making homemade food and freezing it for when I don’t have time to cook (hasn’t happened yet but you know “winter is coming” — see what I did there GoT fans).

I was trying to see about domain names tonight and I asked the husband, what’s the site, “”…NOO, don’t type that.. it’s “” oops. Click in the previous link for link roulette. it may be big or go, find out. And tell me what results you get 🙂 🙂

This is so much fun. In other news, thanks to the WHO, lunchables are probably on the decline. Except around my office with nostalgic coworkers who like their carcinogens in familiar 90s packaging. Will the Oscar Meyer truck still parade around even if the brand dies? What is this world coming to?

Best lunch ever. I dug the pizza one though
Best lunch ever. I dug the pizza one though

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