Where the Wild Things Are..Growing at my house..

So we recently bought a house.

We opted for a place that had a wonderful deck & big, amazing shaded backyard/privacy. And while totally livable, it needed some love on the inside.


By the time we closed on it, there was a list of 1,248 projects. We had infinite amounts of cleaning to do at the new house. We both had to pack up our current residences & move all of our stuff (mine was on the 3rd floor, no elevators & we didn’t hire movers).  We had some Fairly essential purchases to try to make like a lawn mower, Washer/Dryer, etc. So much to do and I couldn’t wait to have a yard and work on making the exterior our own.

During the first several weeks of home ownership, we ate more take out than I’ve eaten in years, we stayed up way past my bedroom for several weeks & didn’t take any time off of work. Somehow we barely had any disagreements & I only cried once. Eventually we got everything moved in & one by one we started setting up rooms. Two months later, all of the main rooms are set-up & only one room is still filled with junk, seems like a miracle. However, this is not another DIY blog – you do not want any advice from us there. Maybe someday I will fill you in more on those adventures.

While all of that was transpiring, all the greenery that I fell in love with has grown and grown and grown. We got a whole lot of rain in May. And in the last month we have painted, cleaned, organized, cleaned again, mowed, done laundry, dishes, cleaned again, had a holiday, vacation, lived our lives.. and everything has continued to grow. And now it’s so hot that there are heat advisories. Or the one random shower that we get is the Saturday morning we planned on working out šŸ˜‰

Here are some of the “mini trees” that have planted themselves & popped up since then. I swear we’ve been mowing & weed eating.
One of these weeds is up to my waist. I also planned on getting rid of the water feature & redoing that random stone bed thing. Maybe this weekend… after we do a million other things.

Then there is the front of the house.  This is where the Wild Thing is growing.
Tell me that this weird, lattice feature that is randomly placed against the house with now overgrown something green does not look like the Where the Wild Things are Creature



It has the horns (=ivy growing up into our shutters) and everything.

The property is awesome and while the greenery is unruly, I know that we can tame it. It will be happening before that ivy climbs up the roof. YIKES! It’s attached the brick somehow and my several wild attempts to just rip it out of whatever is keeping it up were hugely unsuccessful.

Will keep you posted on the eradication of the out of control ivy deal. Stay tuned for more tales about the Pond in the front yard that is no longer.. our Pest Problems.. and other fun stories


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